A little history....

In order to open Dan's Den as a "centre of excellence" and to ensure that it was completely fit for purpose, we needed to raise a considerable amount of money.

This money was for extensive building work including:

Creating a hole in the wall between the Riddings Hall and the small room behind it to enable the permanent soft play equipment to be installed. The detailed drawings for this have been completed by the Architect in consultation with a Building Engineer.

Removing the existing outdated toilet and kitchen.

Providing two new fully DDA compliant toilets/changing rooms with access from inside the hall to enhance security. In addition we have specified that there will be a changing table suitable for a larger child and one enabling a disabled parent or carer to change their child.

Providing a new kitchen and reception area with a secure entrance.

Building new stairs to a remodelled balcony area. This will create the smaller, quiet space where courses/workshops and meetings and small social events can be held.

The area will continue to be available for community hire in the evenings and when the play area is closed.

We would like to thank all our generous benefactors, who are listed within the "Our Supporters" section.