Building Photos

Building work started in the Riddings Hall on 2nd February 2015.

Please take a look at the photos below to see the creation of Dan's Den!

This is how the Riddings Hall looked prior to 2nd February 2015!

It started with removal of the stage (above)...(3rd Feb 2015)

...followed by removal of the balcony (before it is restored again) (16th Feb 2015)

A deserved tea break (or should that be breakfast?) (16th Feb 2015)

Wouldn't fancy using that fire door at the moment! (16th Feb 2015)

We now have a hole in the wall for the soft play equipment (24th Feb 2015)

View from the "entrance" (24th Feb 2015)

The new balcony going up (24 Feb 2015)

Showing the Treasurer where the money's being spent! (16th March 2015)

Balcony, landing and space beneath for the 2 new toilets (16th March 2015)

The 2 new toilets where the kitchen used to be (20th March 2015)

The secure entrance and toilets (20th March 2015)

The new balcony balustrade with the reclaimed timber from the original balcony (17th April 2015)

The view from the balcony (17th April 2015)

Freshly painted walls - no more green! (12th May 2015)

The new stairs leading up to the child-friendly remodelled balcony area (4th June 2015)

Our lovely new stairs (11th June 2015)

Soft play equipment going in! (16th June)

One of our church members, Noah, taking a sneaky peak (22nd June 2015)

All finished!!! (and relax!)